Using GIS to promote the Library’s Economic Impact


In today’s world, every person, business, or organization wants to
justify its worth and promote its favorable relationships with other
people, places, or things. The public library is no exception to this
idea. It recently conducted an in-house and online user survey regarding
a resident’s reason for visiting the uptown business district. The
majority of the responses named the library as the main reason they
visited the area. The respondents were also asked to list any other
Uptown businesses they visited on the same trip to the library. Once all
this information was tabulated, a geographic representation was needed
and GIS was the most efficient way to accomplish this.

A map of the Uptown business district was created that showed the
locations of all the businesses that were mentioned in the resident’s
survey. This also included a list of the businesses and their addresses.
This map was then presented at a city council meeting to illustrate the
economic benefit that the library has on the nearby business community.
This shows that the library acts as an ‘anchor store’ for the other
businesses, being that more than 1,500 people visit the library daily.