Using GIS to review and categorize delinquent parcel data


 Each year, Cook County provides its local municipalities with a list of
parcels that are delinquent on their property taxes. Unless the issues
are resolved, the county will eventually sell the delinquent parcels at
auction. For the Village of Glenview, the main concerns with reviewing
this list are A) identifying parcels owned by the Village that have been
incorrectly placed on this list, and B) identifying delinquent parcels
adjacent to existing Village property for possible purchase. This could
be a significant challenge for the staff to accomplish without GIS
because of the large number of parcels involved. As an example, the 2011
list had 65,534 total PINs that communities would traditionally have to
review manually.

In Glenview, GIS was able to join its parcel data with the list of PINs
provided by the county to efficiently narrow the properties to the area
of geographic interest. The refined list was compared to the existing
list of Village-owned properties, and any matches were flagged for the
Finance Department’s review. After that, GIS searched for parcels that
touched a Village-owned property and marked those PINs for review as
well. As a final step, the remaining parcels that were neither owned by
the Village nor adjacent to Village property were attributed with the
most recent owner on record as well as the corresponding municipality.
Completing this same level of review without GIS would easily take the
staff months, if not years, to finish. However, GIS was able to
accomplish all of this within about an hour’s time, making the process
far more efficient and practical than via any other method.