Using MapOffice Advanced to Display City Tree Inventory

bLOG_Using MapOfficeAdvancedtoDisplayCityTreeInventory.png

The Lake Forest Forestry Department keeps an active inventory of
trees located within the city using the tree inventory software Davey
Tree. Davey Tree allows users to plot tree locations and populate
related information for that given tree. This software creates a
database of all city trees as well as important maintenance information.
The one component absent from Davey Tree is an intuitive method that
spatial represents this information. The Forestry department enlisted
the assistance of GIS to visually display the city’s tree inventory
using MapOffice ™.

A GIS shapefile was downloaded directly from the Davey Tree software
and integrated into the city’s GIS data. The shapefile include tree
location and additional attributes about the individual trees. This data
was then published to MapOffice ™ as a custom overlay. The custom
overlay allows users to promptly navigate to an area and visualize tree
location. By selecting a tree, a dialog box will appear that displays
species name, common name, diameter, and tree condition. Using the tree
condition information, Forestry can assess where to plan for tree
maintenance projects.

MapOffice ™ enables the tree inventory database to be located in one,
easy to use application. Moving forward this information has the
ability to be integrated into MapOffice Public to give resident’s access
to tree information near their homes. With the EAB outbreak, a quick
reference to tree condition is incredibly useful. As Forestry and GIS
continue to collaborate the amount of information available to staff and
residents will increase.