Using MapOffice Custom Overlays to Display Site Information for Fire First Responders


The Lake Forest Fire Department has recently collaborated with GIS to
develop a MapOffice Custom Overlay for first responders. The overlay
displays device locations and building information for First Responders
to reference in the event of an emergency. Information available in the
overlay includes Knox Box locations, FDCs (Fire Department Connections),
sprinkler system/room information, electric shutoff, and fire alarm
panel locations. Previously the Fire personnel would reference physical
footprints of the building and have to sort through documents to locate a
specified address. This method proved to be very time intensive.

Fire personnel provided GIS with a spreadsheet containing building
addresses and related fire device information. The addresses in the
spreadsheet were than mapped and related to the appropriate building.
This process enabled the building footprints to contain the information
provided in the device location spreadsheet. In addition to buildings
containing device information, the custom overlay also displays hydrant
and water main location. These added features assist in locating
hydrants within the proximity of an emergency call.

By using the First Responders overlay in MapOffice, Fire personnel
can quickly pan or search an address, select a property, and view the
associated information. This method proves to be efficient and more
importantly saves time.