Using MapOffice Display City Mowing and Landscape Maintenance


The Lake Forest Parks and Forestry Departments are in negotiations to
outsource their cul-de-sac and right-of-way landscaping maintenance.
Previously, city staff maintained these areas but a cost-benefit
analysis determined that the budget would be more efficiently spent by
contracting out the maintenance responsibilities. The city was looking
to develop an effective method to display maintenance areas while also
providing contractors a way to confidently and accurately bid on the

Using GIS, all of the proposed maintenance areas were mapped. While
creating the maintenance area boundaries, square footage was
automatically being generated. The Parks and Forestry Department now has
the ability to visually represent landscaping maintenance areas while
also being able to determine the amount of total square feet of an area.
This information can then be shared with contractors and in turn be
used to budget time and personnel commitments.

Rather than distributing printed maps to contractors, the Parks and
Forestry Department is also considering integrating the landscaping
maintenance area information onto MapOffice Public.

Contractors will be directed to MapOffice Public where they would
have the ability to visualize the maintenance areas as a custom overlay.
By selecting a specific area, square footage information would appear
in a dialog box. The bidding process for contractors can now be
expedited because they no longer have to acquire any materials from city
staff. The bidding reference material can now be available online.