Using MapOffice to Retrieve Scanned Documents


Anyone would agree it is much easier to find what they are looking
for with a search on the computer rather than having to dig through
mounds of paper to find that elusive document. To combat the headache of
searching through old boxes or drawers to find a document, the Village
of Morton Grove purchased a document management application called
Laserfiche to electronically store paper documents for every department
in the Village. Documents can be scanned into folders for easier
retrieval and better organization than the old ways of stashing
documents in drawers and boxes. To expedite the document retrieval
process even more, the Village called upon its geographic information
system (GIS) to integrate a solution into their mapping application,

Since address based information is so predominant in local government
it was obvious integrating the two applications would be valuable not
only to save staff time but to break down the silos of information that
are stored within each application. Now that Laserfiche has been
integrated into MapOffice, a user can search an address and retrieve
that properties zoning and garbage pick-up day and with the click of a
button search Laserfiche for any documents stored in the system that
relate to that particular address. This empowers the user with more
information at their finger tips in one application rather than having
to perform multiple searches in multiple applications.