Using MapOffice to Spatially Display Law Enforcement Data Capture

​The Lake Forest Police Department has recently collaborated with the GIS
department to spatially display the city’s crime and incident data
within MapOffice. Previously the GIS department would create maps
displaying the most current crime locations as well as trends that may
have been occurring over time. These maps were typically created on a
monthly basis. Although the timeline in which the maps were delivered
was effective, there may be a need to analyze data more frequently
depending on consistency of the occurrences. The GIS Department has
enabled the police to analyze crime and incident data for a specific
day, week, month or year by integrating the data into MapOffice’s
Business Intelligence feature. Business Intelligence can access live
data from law enforcements crime and incident records. The data that is
actively being edited by the Lake Forest Police Department is held
within a record management system. GIS can connect to the record
management system, read the data and spatially display the data in
MapOffice. . By referencing a live data feed, information can be viewed
and analyzed on an up to the minute basis in MapOffice. Police personnel
now have the ability to select a desired incident(s), specify a time
period, produce a map of the incidents, and export the map and
associated data all from their own workstation. The spatial analysis
aspect of crime reporting now can be accomplished independently and more