Using MapOffice

​The Village of Lincolnwood and other members of the Geographic
Information System Consortium (GISC) have the ability to use a one of a
kind application to assist the public. MapOffice™ Advanced is a mapping
application that allows non-GIS Professionals to use local data
resources to collect and distribute information through simple web
navigation. This application is solely available on the village
network. It is an intranet based application providing a convenient way
for employees to access a wealth of visual and textual information
without leaving the computer.

MapOffice™ Advanced allows users who have no formal training in
Geographic Information System (GIS) to use the data in their daily
workflows. By using this application, the Village can decrease costs
and improve the efficiency of the workforce. In the past, when a
resident called and inquired about a property’s zoning classification,
an employee used to set the phone down, walk to a map on the wall and
try to locate the address. This is now streamlined in MapOffice™
Advanced. Simply type in the address, click on ‘Parcel Summary’, and
the zoning classification, along with other information related to the
address appears. PIN numbers, links to the Cook County Assessor’s
website, and school district information are also available.

Before GIS, the data was located in each department. Utility data
was at public works, zoning classification in community development,
etc. With the new approach, GIS centralizes the data, and publishes it
for employees connected to the village’s network to access. This
creates a powerful tool that can be utilized by every department.