Using Mobile GIS to Track Street Resurfacing Ratings

The City of Park Ridge, IL streets are constantly facing the wear and tear of everything from vehicles to weather, which leads to the roads needing to be resurfaced after a number of years once they’ve reached a certain level of damage. To better track which streets need to be resurfaced in a given year, city staff need to inventory them on a yearly basis and assign a numerical value to prioritize which ones are in the greatest need. To help accomplish this, the city leveraged a mobile Geographic Information Systems (GIS) application that allowed staff to go out and track this type of information in the field.

The street condition ratings used to prioritize the streets resurfacing program were collected using a mobile application called Collector. This application allows a user to collect GIS data out in the field on a tablet or other mobile device, add attribute information to it, and even add photos or other attachments to the geographic location. This information can easily be imported and accessed in a desktop GIS system, allowing for data collected in the field to be mapped and analyzed by the city’s GIS staff.   For the current year’s street resurfacing rating project, every street that’s maintained by the city was loaded into the Collector application and displayed based on the rating information that was collected from the previous year’s review. With the Collector application, the engineer leading this project went out in the field using a city iPad, determined the new street rating, and manually entered the new rating directing into the GIS data rather than entering it into a spreadsheet and providing it to the GIS staff for entry.  Once all the street ratings were entered for the current year, the engineer began the process of determining which streets need to be resurfaced based on the information captured using the Collector application.