Using Network Tools to trace Storm Sewer flow

​The Village of Lincolnshire has been going through a process to
ensure all overland, open channel, and other features are connected to
the storm sewer system. Field crews from the Street Department began
this process using existing GIS utility atlases to help identify all
open channel and overland water flow that connects into the storm sewer
system. After completion and some field verifications the data was
provided to the GIS Department for updating.

When the updates were completed the GIS Department then began a
process of connecting the network together using tools designed to build
networks. With the updates completed, the total storm sewer system can
now be used to effectively trace from any point within the system and
provided a downstream solution. This will enable to staff to identify
exactly how storm water runoff enters, travels, and exits the total

Future plans for this project include developing basin maps show how
systems work to flow the storm sewer water throughout the Village.