Utility map books


The largest objective for initiating Geographic Information System
(GIS) services in the Village of Riverside was to create a digital
representation of the utility systems. This objective was realized when a
Sewer and Water System Map Books were constructed at the turn of the
new year. The books display the culmination of many projects that were
necessary to produce such a resource. The first step was to convert GPS
point data of the system structures such as fire hydrants, water valves,
sewer manholes, etc. into the GIS system. Next the data needed to be
connected with water and sewer main features. Additional structures were
added as suggested by existing hard copy resources including as-builds
and the former map books. Hydrant flow, manufacturer, identifiers, pipe
material, and size information about the system was also entered as
noted on plans, in other community databases such as FireHouse, and as
provided by staff through their knowledge about the systems. The map
books incorporate a page grid that was developed and the map design was
generated utilizing the repository of other data layers that the GIS

The Village took advantage of a printing agreement with FedEx Kinkos
provided through their membership in the GIS Consortium. These products
will be a resource for Public Works staff when out in the field and can
be updated as a whole or one page at a time as needed when the utility
system is updated in the GIS as a result of capital improvement