Utility Service Address Verification


Redevelopment, annexations, new construction, and even remodeling
often changes the distribution of services and consequently introduces a
record management workflow that needs to be coordinated between utility
service providers and municipalities. Periodically villages are
contacted to verify service addresses for electric and natural gas
utility companies. Most recently Riverside, IL administrative staff was
tasked by Nicor to review their gas service address list to verify all
provided addresses are in The Village and identify addresses that Nicor
may have been missing. This information is integral for the tax
reimbursement processes related to the Village’s utility tax ordinance.

Riverside’s Geographic Information System (GIS) provided
efficiencies in fulfilling this request because a fundamental dataset in
the GIS is the address information for the entire community. There are
tools within the GIS that make comparing the provided list against
known addresses a relatively quick process. Those tools were used to
highlight not only service location errors but also missing ones.

Without GIS the staff would have had to use a resource such as
their utility billing database to manually compare service locations.
Doing so would have been much more time consuming than the information
system approach used.