Utilizing GIS in Capital Improvement Project (CIP) planning


The Public Works Department annually prepares a Capital Improvement
Report. Part of this report is identifying existing facilities owned by
the community. This year they wanted to enhance the report by providing
maps showing the location of City Owned Infrastructure.

Thus they contacted the GIS Office to create a series of maps showing
the location of city owned facilities, parking lots, street lights and
traffic signals. The GIS Office created citywide maps showing the
locations of all the items for one of the requested assets. Then they
created maps which showed close-ups of areas of the city were assets
were crowded together. These close up areas made it easier to identify
specific assets in crowded locations Because the information for these
assets already existed, the maps could be created quickly.

The maps were a valuable addition to the report because they allowed
the reader to see where the described assets were located. This assisted
the reader with understanding what was being described in the report
and where the items were located.

By contacting the GIS Office, the Public Works Department obtained a
series of maps which enhanced their report. Also, because the GIS Office
could access existing information, the Public Works Department was able
to quickly receive these maps. They really liked the maps and they plan
to include them in all future Capital Improvement Reports