Vacant and Rental Property Tracking


During the recent housing market collapse the Village of Oak Brook,
like many municipalities, has been faced with a rising number of
available properties within their corporate limit. One of the main
goals for the Village is to attract and maintain tenants in both
commercial and residential areas in an effort to generate revenue and
promote Oak Brook as a place of success. This means tracking vacant and
rental opportunities throughout the Village so that they can not only
be promoted to potential buyers, but also to make sure proper
maintenance and security measures are being taken. Because there is no
easy way of maintaining the status of these properties, the Village has
taken up the task to track vacant and rental properties to the best of
their knowledge through sources such as water billing, inspections, and
various other property records. Although the Village had previously
been tracking all of the information through a spreadsheet, Village
Trustee’s asked that maps be created in order to give better visual
representation of the available properties.

Although there was not a wealth of information tied to each property,
it’s considered very important just to know the location of all
available properties, as well as contact and owner information. By
geocoding the existing spreadsheet the GIS specialist was able to
quickly produce a map and custom overlay in MapOffice™ Advanced. This
allows Village Staff and Trustees to have valid sources of information
available to them at their desktop and in meetings at the click of a
button. By putting the data onto a map and adding spatial context, the
information is much more consumable by decision makers and allows them
to see any developing trends in location a types of available
properties. Without GIS this data would’ve been tracked solely through a
single spreadsheet or word document, but by putting the data in GIS it
is now distributed throughout the Village and is maintained in a central
database that is updated and distributed via MapOffice™ to all Village