Village collects LiDAR data


An annual process for the Riverside GIS (Geographic Information
System) program is to obtain parcel data and ownership information from
the county as they are the custodians of that data. As a part of the
2010 data exchange the village was provided LiDAR (Light Detection and
Ranging) data.

LiDAR is a remote sensing technique where laser pulses are directed
toward the earth and the time it takes for the impulse to return
provides elevation information as well as some characteristics of the
surface below. The village is currently using this information as an
elevation resource as it provides a sample point every few feet. LiDAR
can also be used to obtain a three dimensional view of an area and
potentially derive additional GIS data. This data is made available from
the county at no charge. This information is especially helpful given
that the Village does not have a previous source of elevation
information. This type of information comes into play when planning for
flooding or other elevation sensitive projects.