Village in the Forest Leverages the Value of Mobile GIS

The Village of Riverside, IL is also known as the "Village in the Forest" because of its over 10,000 mature trees and its designation as Tree City USA by the US Forestry Service.  Tracking the maintenance and replacement of village trees can be a sizable task for the limited staff that is available.  By leveraging the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GPS technology, mobile GIS editing applications, and smart tablet technology, maintaining the village’s tree information has become a much easier task for staff, resulting in a more accurate and reliable tree asset inventory.    

The mobile GIS editing application used by the village is available for use on Apple or Android tablets, one of which the village already owned. The software licensing for this mobile application is included as part of the yearly GIS software maintenance the village already budgets for, resulting in the village being able to leverage this technology at no additional cost.  The mobile GIS editing application allows the village forester to assess tree condition, location, and size and make changes to individual tree asset information stored in GIS while in the field. This helps keep the inventory as current as possible and provide all village staff with a reliable asset inventory to reference when answering questions from residents or contractors. This asset update process also helps staff with budgeting and decision making as they are able to create reports using reliable and current information.