Village in the Forest Uses GIS to Conduct a Public Tree Census


The Village of Riverside is known as the Village in the Forest and is a National Landmark known for its natural conservation design boasting more parks per capita than any community in America and is nicknamed the Village in the Forest. Tree and tree management are an integral part of the natural landscape design of the village. With the infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer; tree inventory management has become more important than ever for the village. In the summer of 2013, the village forestry department conducted a census of village managed trees. With the assistance of GIS this census was able to be completed using village forestry staff as opposed to having to hire a contractor at an additional cost to the village. GIS was able to provide staff in the field with mapping data of already inventoried trees as well as other base data such as buildings for locating new trees. Along with assisting with the collection process, GIS also is being used to store and manage changes to the inventory. Having the tree inventory managed by staff helps to save the village money and it also allows the village to take ownership over one of its most important assets, it’s trees.