Village of Glenview Police taking advantage of GIS

The use of Geographic Information System (GIS) to understand spatial
patterns of crime and criminal behavior has become more prevalent in
recent years. The recent introduction of GIS and reporting software has
made this type of analysis increasingly easier. Every several months the
Police Department for the Village of Glenview receives updated maps
showing the location and time of residential and automotive burglaries
along with summary statistics. Looking at the addresses spatially allows
for the detectives to put together possible patterns in criminal

It is important to note that because the village uses New World
Systems for its dispatch and records keeping software. The GIS and New
World Systems is integrated making mapping quick and efficient. The
software uses the GIS data to show squad cars where an emergency is as
well as logging that emergency into a records database. Using these
records the GIS Department and Police Department add the data to a map
providing a spatial context not always readily apparent when responding
to burglaries. By mapping and cataloging incidences, patrol adjustment
may be modified to ensure that problematic areas are receiving increased
resources (i.e. more patrols, increased frequency of patrols). The
inclusion of graphs and charts also gave other police department staff
personnel such as detectives a historical understanding of where crime
has happened as well whether the burglary was categorized as either
residential and/or automotive.

In the past this type of analysis was done on large village wide maps
with push pins where the data could not be easily shared or emailed.
Now with an integrated records/dispatch system and a proper GIS quick
analysis of historical and current data displayed on a fully
customizable and accurate map becomes much easier.