Village of Norridge GIS web page

​With a desire to promote the village’s technology profile, the IT Department went forward and created a section of the village website dedicated to the Geographic Information System (GIS) program.
This would allow village residents to access information from their own
computers as well as at their own convenience rather than having to
acquire information from a person in village hall such as they had done
previously done in the past.

The GIS section of the village website consists of two pages. The
first page explains the village’s involvement with the GIS Consortium
and gives a detailed description of GIS aimed at anyone not familiar
with the technology or program. Within this description are a few
examples of how GIS may affect a resident or the community.

The second page gives a list of all available maps in the community
as well as relevant links to outside sources for anyone who wants to
further their understanding of the GIS technology. Each map consists of a
title, date last updated, map size and a link to a PDF to print out
each map. A few examples of some of the maps available are: Bus Routes,
School Districts and Zoning. The inclusion of these maps provides the
village residents with information that wasn’t readily available in the
past. Because the maps are provided in an electronic format, they can be
updated on a regular basis and can be passed on to the resident with
minimal effort.

The maps provided on the website are just a small portion of what can
be created using GIS and information provided by the village.