Village street map process


Each year the Village of Glencoe creates an official Street Guide of
the village. This product is developed and consumed by both village
staff and the general pubic. Each year the GIS Department and other
village departments go through review and update cycle of this product.
During the 2009 review and update cycle it was determined that the
village would move this historically black and white product into a
color format.

This annual project cycle can be broken down in four phases which include:

Phase 1: Review Phase

Phase 2: Pre-Final Review Phase

Phase 3: Final Review

Phase 4: Map production and reproduction

Phase 1: The review phase starts with the updating the previous years
map with all known changes collected throughout the year. Secondly, a
memorandum can be delivered via e-mail or manually to all of proper
village recipients along a map for review purposes and checklist as what
to look for when conducting the review process. Community staff
members that are typically involved with the map update process include
department heads or managers, GIS Coordinators and GIS Consortium board
members. During this phase the village staff will review and provide
comments to the GIS office by a date that is outlined in the title of
the memorandum.

Phase 2: Pre-Final review phase begins after the GIS Department makes
the appropriate changes to the street guide map from the initial review
process and then redistributes new packets with an updated memorandum.
These packets are then sent out a second time to the same village
recipients with comments form previous responses. This is done so that
all village staff employees are able to confirm the changes that were
updated in the initial review. Any additional comments are again
provided to the GIS office by a date that was included in the second
delivered memorandum.

Phase 3: The final review phase is completed when all updates have
been completed and all comments from the village staff have been
addressed. The GIS Department then reviews the map product one final
time for overall map layout clarity and data content accuracy. At this
time, a PDF versions or printed maps are provided to the selected
village staff employees for one final review and authorization. If
there are no further comments at that time the map product becomes
official and moves into the final phase of production.

Phase 4: The map production and reproduction phase begins immediately
after approval is received in Phase 3. The maps are printed in-house
using the village plotter and distributed to the village’s staff. Also
at this time the Map Product Drawer will be updated by removing any
remaining maps from the previous year and replacing with the new
product. The Map Product Drawer is restocked throughout the year based
on public demand of the product.

Overall the annual review process ensures the street guide product is
reviewed and updated to reflect the community at the time of
publication. The product can involve multiple village departments and
staff members to ensure the end result meets the needs of those who will
eventually be using it. Moreover, community collaboration between the
village employees and the GIS Department help to make a successful end
product good for internal use as well as public distribution.