Warning Siren Decibel Propagation Analysis

​The Village of Skokie, IL uses their warning sirens for both alerting residents of impending emergencies and declaring alternate-side street parking.   Since these sirens serve as a method for notifying village residents regarding multiple issues, the Village of Skokie wanted to conduct an analysis to ensure their siren noise propagation covered the entire village and could be heard clearly by every resident.

Leveraging their local Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department, the village conducted this analysis based on the known locations and sound decibel range data for each siren that was provided by the manufacturer.  By viewing this information spatially, Skokie was able to see that their current siren alignment provides total coverage for the entire village.   As a result of confirming the level of siren coverage, village staff can confidently respond to requests from residents for siren information or claims of not being able to hear sirens.  By integrating this siren propagation information into the village’s internet browser based mapping application, MapOffice™, as a viewable layer, village staff are now able search for the address of the calling resident, locate their property, and find which decibel rating the property falls under.   This reduces staff guesswork and provides a simple and efficient tool to quickly respond to resident inquiries.