Water Main Break Impact Analysis

Part of the responsibility of the GIS Consortium (GISC) is to collaborate between communities and to obtain shared solutions.  A recent request to estimate the impact of water main breaks was noted as having great potential to be a standard analysis that could be performed for all communities.

Considering this tool could be utilized by all GISC member communities, GISC staff took some time to create a model that evaluates water mains, water laterals, water valves, and addresses to achieve an estimate of households impacted by a water main break and the subsequent repair of that break.  The tool is flexible enough to review the community’s entire water system or just a specific area of interest.


It is expected this will be a powerful tool for Public Works and Engineering personnel to determine areas where they could decrease the number of residents impacted by water main breaks by proactively installing additional water valves.  These new water valves would create shorter sections of continuous water mains and therefore fewer residents would be impacted by future main brakes.