Water main isolation tool deployed


The isolation of a water main is an important function of local
government. Isolation of a water main needs to occur for a variety of
reasons. Typically it is done to allow for maintenance or inspections,
but it can also be done in the event of a spill or leak to prevent
something from getting in rather than to stop something from getting
out. Water main isolation can also used to take a piece of a plant out
of use for a short or long period of time or to change the process

In the past government had to rely on atlas books or handwritten
notes to determine the impact of a broken water main on the utility
network. With the deployment of MapOffice™ and the water main isolation
tool within seconds of clicking a pipe the impact of isolating a pipe
can be visualized along with a list of effected hydrants and valves.
This analysis is done quickly and easily using MapOffice™ Advanced.

An additional feature is that the user can run an address notify and
get the addresses of the potential houses effected by the isolation of
the selected water main. With the release of this MapOffice™ Advanced
tool the complex analysis of analyzing a utility network can be
completed within seconds and run for a variety of scenarios providing a
valuable service and time savings to decision makers and crews out in
the field.