Water Sampling Station Analysis


The State of Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) requires
all water utilities to collect monthly samples for coliform testing.
Although coliform itself is not necessarily a lie threatening bacteria,
the presence of coliform could indicate a contamination issue in the
water system. The number of sampling stations required for each utility
is dependent on the number of customers served by that water utility.
The IEPA also requires information on the location of Stage 1 Stage 2
Disinfectant Byproduct Sampling stations.

The IEPA requires an annual map or report of a community’s coliform
testing site, storage facilities, and water entry points. Every winter
the Village of Mundelein updates their water sampling and asset location
map. This map has several purposes. The first being a visual display
of the water entry points for each of the three pressure zones and the
location of storage tanks for each of the pressure zones. The second
purpose is to show how the coliform sampling locations are evenly
distributed throughout the Village and that the Stage 2 Testing sites
are located as far away as possible from each pressure zone entry

Because the Village maintains it’s utility information in a GIS
system. It is easy to quickly create a map the entry points, tanks and
other infrastructure. The coliform sampling stations are listed by
address and easy to overlay on the map. Without GIS the Village would
not be able to efficiently create a this map for the IEAP.