City of Rolling Meadows


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The City of Rolling Meadows has had a long relationship with GIS. Beginning in 1999, the City started our venture in GIS by setting permanent monumentation, obtaining aerial photography, and rubber sheeting our existing line drawing utility atlases. These initial GIS activities were first managed by the Community Development Department and later moved to and managed by the Public Works Department with the assistance of the City Engineers office. The next several years were spent collecting data in the field and developing databases using old paper records. These efforts were done on an “as time allows” basis and as the needs for GIS became greater and as the City has been unable to dedicate someone to only work on GIS on a full-time basis, the City began looking into alternate forms of staffing so that we could maximize its use Citywide. In 2014, Rolling Meadows recognized the Consortium staffing model provided a great solution to share equipment and resources in a cost effective manner, and became the 27th member of the GIS Consortium.


Waseem Khan
Chief Information Officer
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