Community Portal

Community Portal is an application that presents local government information on a series of landing pages designed by the community based on their needs. The information can be sourced from any local government information system that is supported by a Business Intelligence connection.


Data is replicated throughout the Consortium. Replication is the process of sharing information so as to ensure consistency between redundant resources; this is done with data and software. Replication is important in improving reliability, security, and accessibility.

Replication provides communities with backup protection to their GIS investment. It also provides the exchange of regional data and allows updates to occur seamlessly throughout the GISC members.

ESRI ArcGIS Online ™

ArcGIS Online is ESRI’s cloud based technology that is used to store, manage, and display data through visually appealing and responsive maps.  The Collector Application is being harnessed with mobile devices in the field to view and collect data electronically.  Member communities are also exploring the wide array of story map templates for projects ranging from community event promotion, increasing transparency, to project management.

ESRI Business Analyst Online ™

ArcGIS Business Analyst Online is another product offered by the GIS Consortium to its members. Business Analyst Online combines GIS technology with extensive demographic, consumer spending and business data to create a powerful reporting, analysis, and mapping tool.

ArcGIS Business Analyst Online gives you detailed information about the demographic makeup of various populations such as their lifestyle and buying behavior. It also contains information about businesses in your market area along with the ability to perform drive-time, density, or threshold analysis and visualize your study on a map or as a table. Your study area is fully customizable, allowing you to search by rings, drive-times, hand-drawn shapes, or using standard geographies, such as municipal, state, and county boundary, block group, census tract, or ZIP Code.

ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced ™

ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced is a full-featured geographic information system produced by ESRI.  This is the highest level of licensing and therefore functionality offered in the ArcGIS Desktop product line.

ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced is the software used by the site specialist every day.  Formerly ArcInfo™, this software is used to edit community databases and create complex analysis of community data.

ArcGIS for Desktop Basic ™

ArcGIS for Desktop Basic, is the entry level of licensing offered by ESRI.  Formerly ArcView™, it is able to view and edit GIS data held in flat files. Users are able view data held in a relational database management system.

ArcGIS for Desktop Basic is typically used by more advanced community users, and provides the ability to make custom projects and maps.