Webinar – Next Level Collector: Getting even more from your collector projects

The Collector App is being utilized by many GIS Consortium communities to gather valuable data. The data collected is being used to empower staff to make informed decisions as well as allowing them to easily collect data that previously has been difficult or impossible to obtain. 
Since you, our clients, have embraced Collector with such enthusiasm, we have provided additional examples to highlight some recent community success stories with utilizing this app.  This month, we will be highlighting next-level use cases of Collector, focusing on projects beyond basic information gathering.
What you will learn:
·         How Collector is being used to track infrastructure history.
·         How multiple Collector projects are used in tandem to complete a workflow.
·         How Collector is being used to accomplish long term community goals.
·         How Collector is being used to improve the quality of data within a community.
We look forward to your participation and feedback. Please forward to whoever you think might be interested.