Webinar – Winter Woes: GIS Solutions for the Winter Months

In the Midwest, winter brings its own unique set of challenges to local governments.  As the temperature drops and snow begins to fall, snowplows hit the road, the likelihood of severe weather events increase, and roads take a beating.  Leveraging GIS as a resource for assisting staff with managing these events can help mitigate the impact a harsh winter season has on both staff time and community resources.  This webinar will demonstrate several methods and technologies that are currently available in your community to help reduce your winter woes.

What you will learn:
·         How Business Intelligence is being used to track snow and ice complaints
·         How GIS is assisting Public Works with clearing debris and ice from manholes
·         How snow removal operations are being assisted through GIS
·         How GIS can alert staff to at-risk residents during a heavy snow fall event
·         How an ESRI Story Map can be used to promote holiday special events
We look forward to your participation and feedback. Please forward to whoever you think might be interested.