Webinar – The Next Generation: Utilizing Your Summer Interns

Each year, many GIS Consortium communities hire interns for their departments. These interns have a wide range of interests and skill levels that can contribute to productivity in the Village or City that involves collaboration with the GIS program. With a wide range of backgrounds like engineering, GIS, and public administration, we often hear the questions, “how do we put these various skills to use?” “Where do I start?” “How do I hire the best intern for my department?”
Today’s webinar seeks to answer these questions, plus more. Our staff is continually working with Villages and Cities to support robust hiring plans, and comprehensive projects, ranging from data entry, to Collector and utility editing. Some of our communities even share interns, as you will see in today’s webinar. Please join us to learn more about how GIS can work with your City or Village to create a far-reaching intern program with benefits for your community and the intern.
What you will learn:
·         How to develop a robust intern hiring process
·         Two communities’ methods for intern-sharing between Villages
·         How to maximize resources and efficiency for utility editing
·         Utilizing ArcGIS Collector with interns
We look forward to your participation and feedback. Please forward to whoever you think might be interested.