Webinar – Anonymous Heroes: Using GIS to Help Staff Effectively Serve Residents

Local Government is constantly working behind the scenes to provide residents with the quality of life they have come to expect.  Whether it’s ensuring that they have running water in their homes, trees along their street are thriving, or working to make information about their community more easily accessible, local government staff takes steps every day to assure that their residents are happy to call their community “home”.

While Local Government is arguably the most important government, expectations are set extremely high to provide more with less each year.  By collaborating with many of our local government stakeholders, we have improved and streamlined many different workflows.  Gone are the days of your GIS Specialist being the middle man, as more and more often, community staff are taking the reins of inputting their own data.  In this webinar, we will be discussing how these processes made that transition.

What you will learn:

  • How community staff leverages Web Apps to edit large quantities of data
  • How Web Maps can centralize important compliance information
  • How Web Apps create communication channels between the field and office staff

We look forward to your participation and feedback. Please forward to whoever you think might be interested.