Webinar- Empowering People: Putting the Power to Edit Data in the Hands of the Users

Your community’s staff are the experts when it comes to which data they need to see. So let these individuals have control! In this webinar we will discuss how several communities are leveraging Collector Apps projects in innovative new ways to allow municipal staff and interns to gather the data that are most important to their community and its residents. We will also discover how staff are able to make edits from their desktops to Web Maps and Web Apps that residents can then view.
MGP is committed to improving communities through innovation. If any of these examples of GIS projects seem like something you would like to implement in your community— reach out to your GIS Specialist today!
In this section you will learn:
·         How new collector projects are inspiring innovation in different communities
·         How editable Web Apps and Web Maps can streamline workflows
·         How to use online resources to collaborate with community staff and residents