Webinar – Be Informed About Your Assets from the Comfort of Your Desktop

Having accurate information about your assets enables you to do effective annual planning and gives staff confidence in the work they are doing for the community.

In this webinar you will gain insight on:

·         What the Asset Management Desktop solution is
·         How to view and edit assets
·         Ways to monitor progress on maintenance activities
·         How to analyze your data using filters you choose
·         How to evaluate if this is a viable solution for your community
·         Actions to take to get started

Community-Portal Training Resource

Local Governments maintain a vast amount of information in order to provide services to their residents.  Often times this information is stored across departments in files or databases that aren’t easily accessible.

Community-Portal was developed to solve the challenge of providing answers to questions when needed most without having to worry about where the information is stored.

In this training video you will gain insight on:

What Community-Portal is, how it can benefit your community, and how to use the solution.

Topics include:

-What the solution is and isn’t

-Features and benefits

-How to get started

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Webinar – Asset Management: Making Confident Decisions on Community Assets

Managing infrastructure is an important function of local government and one that all communities strive to do in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Often, purchasing an asset management system is cost prohibitive, so finding a way to manage infrastructure data is challenging.

This is where MGP’s shared-services model provides an opportunity to inspire innovation that creates value.  By standardizing the data and processes for collecting and reporting on assets  we can substantially reduce the cost of asset management for the GIS Consortium.

In this webinar you will gain insight on:

What is Asset Management and how it can benefit your community.

Topics include:

-Projects that have been developed for local government

-Functionality that improves the user experience

-Protecting the quality of your data

-Visualizing your data

-How to get started

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Webinar – Community Portal Success Stories: Bringing Data and Communities Together

In March, MGP unveiled a new and improved Community Portal. Since that webinar, we have made over 75 updates in 20 communities based on direct input from community staff. The feedback that we receive from community staff allows us to tailor the content to better fit local government needs.
This webinar will focus on how we’ve been able to improve Community Portal. We will also discuss how we’ve leveraged the GISC shared services model to create new content to distribute throughout the GIS Consortium.
In this webinar you will learn:
· New Community Portal innovations and improvements
· Deployment success stories
· Why Community Portal is a premier integration solution
· How Community Portal can improve transparency between local government and the public
We look forward to your participation and feedback. Please forward to whoever you think might be interested.
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Rising to the Occasion: Planning for and Managing Flood Events

Whether it is an annual spring flood or a flash flood from an intense storm, severe flooding events are a common emergency for communities. Some communities are studying areas that frequently flood to collect information for mitigation plans. Other communities are using online tools to inform residents of road closing or sandbag pickup locations. There are also communities collecting data after the flooding event to ensure that residents impacted by the flooding receive all possible available assistance.
This webinar will provide several examples of how communities ate using GIS to plan for, manage, and document flooding events and other emergencies.
In this webinar you will learn:
· How communities are planning for future flooding events
· How communities are providing information to residents during an emergency event
· How communities are managing the aftermath of flooding events and emergencies
We look forward to your participation and feedback. Please forward to whoever you think might be interested.
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Webinar – Address Data Solutions: Preserving Local Government’s Most Important Data

A staff member in one GISC community told us that an address is to local government like a social security number is to a person. Businesses, residents, and even the use of a property may change, but the address remains constant. Address data is central to every department, and like a social security number, its value must be protected.
MGP hosted two address standardization webinars in the past year which were the two most attended webinars in MGP history from all GIS Consortium members. The follow-up discussions that we have had with community staff confirmed the need for additional tools and resources that would improve the process of managing quality address data.
This webinar will feature new solutions that are now available to you to help create, maintain, and sustain the integrity of your address data.

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Webinar- Empowering People: Putting the Power to Edit Data in the Hands of the Users

Your community’s staff are the experts when it comes to which data they need to see. So let these individuals have control! In this webinar we will discuss how several communities are leveraging Collector Apps projects in innovative new ways to allow municipal staff and interns to gather the data that are most important to their community and its residents. We will also discover how staff are able to make edits from their desktops to Web Maps and Web Apps that residents can then view.
MGP is committed to improving communities through innovation. If any of these examples of GIS projects seem like something you would like to implement in your community— reach out to your GIS Specialist today!
In this section you will learn:
·         How new collector projects are inspiring innovation in different communities
·         How editable Web Apps and Web Maps can streamline workflows
·         How to use online resources to collaborate with community staff and residents
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Webinar – Anonymous Heroes: Using GIS to Help Staff Effectively Serve Residents

Local Government is constantly working behind the scenes to provide residents with the quality of life they have come to expect.  Whether it’s ensuring that they have running water in their homes, trees along their street are thriving, or working to make information about their community more easily accessible, local government staff takes steps every day to assure that their residents are happy to call their community “home”.

While Local Government is arguably the most important government, expectations are set extremely high to provide more with less each year.  By collaborating with many of our local government stakeholders, we have improved and streamlined many different workflows.  Gone are the days of your GIS Specialist being the middle man, as more and more often, community staff are taking the reins of inputting their own data.  In this webinar, we will be discussing how these processes made that transition.

What you will learn:

  • How community staff leverages Web Apps to edit large quantities of data
  • How Web Maps can centralize important compliance information
  • How Web Apps create communication channels between the field and office staff

We look forward to your participation and feedback. Please forward to whoever you think might be interested.

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Webinar – The Next Generation: Utilizing Your Summer Interns

Each year, many GIS Consortium communities hire interns for their departments. These interns have a wide range of interests and skill levels that can contribute to productivity in the Village or City that involves collaboration with the GIS program. With a wide range of backgrounds like engineering, GIS, and public administration, we often hear the questions, “how do we put these various skills to use?” “Where do I start?” “How do I hire the best intern for my department?”
Today’s webinar seeks to answer these questions, plus more. Our staff is continually working with Villages and Cities to support robust hiring plans, and comprehensive projects, ranging from data entry, to Collector and utility editing. Some of our communities even share interns, as you will see in today’s webinar. Please join us to learn more about how GIS can work with your City or Village to create a far-reaching intern program with benefits for your community and the intern.
What you will learn:
·         How to develop a robust intern hiring process
·         Two communities’ methods for intern-sharing between Villages
·         How to maximize resources and efficiency for utility editing
·         Utilizing ArcGIS Collector with interns
We look forward to your participation and feedback. Please forward to whoever you think might be interested.
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Webinar- The Next Chapter of Community Portal

On March 24th, Community Portal will get its biggest update ever! Over the past year we have developed a fully responsive design, held seven focus groups with resident service staff members across the Consortium, and connected to a wide range of information to help residents and community staff visualize their data in a more meaningful way. We are extremely excited and eager to share the results of everyone’s hard work with you on Wednesday! Please join us as we unveil the new look and functionality.

What you will learn
1. How to navigate the new layout
2. How Community Portal displays local enterprise data
3. Different methods for visualizing data within Community Portal

We look forward to your participation and feedback. Please forward to whoever you think might be interested.

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