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Webinar – Save Time by Using Community-Portal as Your Go To Resource for Answers

If you are looking for ways to save time by simplifying your search for information about an address this webinar will make a difference for you! In this webinar you will learn: ·         What Community-Portal is ·         New ways communities are using the product to improve overall efficiency ·         How to evaluate if this is a viable solution for your community ·         Actions […]

Webinar – Be Informed About Your Assets from the Comfort of Your Desktop

Having accurate information about your assets enables you to do effective annual planning and gives staff confidence in the work they are doing for the community. In this webinar you will gain insight on: ·         What the Asset Management Desktop solution is ·         How to view and edit assets ·         Ways to monitor progress on maintenance activities ·         How to analyze […]

Community-Portal Training Resource

Local Governments maintain a vast amount of information in order to provide services to their residents.  Often times this information is stored across departments in files or databases that aren’t easily accessible. Community-Portal was developed to solve the challenge of providing answers to questions when needed most without having to worry about where the information […]

Webinar – Asset Management: Making Confident Decisions on Community Assets

Managing infrastructure is an important function of local government and one that all communities strive to do in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Often, purchasing an asset management system is cost prohibitive, so finding a way to manage infrastructure data is challenging. This is where MGP’s shared-services model provides an opportunity to inspire innovation that creates value.  By standardizing the data […]