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Rising to the Occasion: Planning for and Managing Flood Events

Whether it is an annual spring flood or a flash flood from an intense storm, severe flooding events are a common emergency for communities. Some communities are studying areas that frequently flood to collect information for mitigation plans. Other communities are using online tools to inform residents of road closing or sandbag pickup locations. There […]

Webinar – Anonymous Heroes: Using GIS to Help Staff Effectively Serve Residents

Local Government is constantly working behind the scenes to provide residents with the quality of life they have come to expect.  Whether it’s ensuring that they have running water in their homes, trees along their street are thriving, or working to make information about their community more easily accessible, local government staff takes steps every […]

Webinar – The Next Generation: Utilizing Your Summer Interns

Each year, many GIS Consortium communities hire interns for their departments. These interns have a wide range of interests and skill levels that can contribute to productivity in the Village or City that involves collaboration with the GIS program. With a wide range of backgrounds like engineering, GIS, and public administration, we often hear the […]

Webinar- The Next Chapter of Community Portal

On March 24th, Community Portal will get its biggest update ever! Over the past year we have developed a fully responsive design, held seven focus groups with resident service staff members across the Consortium, and connected to a wide range of information to help residents and community staff visualize their data in a more meaningful […]

Webinar- Re-Addressing the Power of Address Standardization

Last September we hosted our most popular solutions webinar of all time on the topic of Address Standardization.  Address data is central to every department and serves as a core function of local government. Creating an address standard and roles for governing your address data is the best way to ensure everyone is on the […]